Onion 'Gladalan Brown'

Gladalan Brown is a large, early, brown-skinned heirloom onion. Easy to grow, well suited to warmer climates and stores well. 15-18 weeks to harvest. Each packet contains approximately 150 seeds.
Onion 'Gladalan Brown'
Onion 'Gladalan Brown'
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Growing Advice

Scientific Name: Allium cepa

Common Name: Onion 'Gladalan Brown'

Family: Amaryllidaceae


Gladalan Brown is an Australian heirloom onion variety bred by Glad and Alan Brown at their garden nursery Gladalan in Armadale, WA.  Gladalan was build in the 1920s so this variety was probably developed around this time.

Culinary Uses:

Gladalan Brown is a versatile, medium-sized brown onion which makes a tasty addition to any dish.  Delicious when fried, grilled or roasted.  This variety keeps well if stored in a cool and dry location.

Growing Tips:

Choose a growing site that receives full sun for best growth, onions will also tolerate very light shade.  Ensure soil is free draining and free of rocks and pebbles.  Mix gypsum and organic matter through the soil thoroughly to break up heavy clay soils or alternatively consider growing in raised beds with a lighter, imported soil.  Don't overfertilise your onion plants or they will put all of their energy into producing leafy growth rather than bulb growth. Gladalan Brown is a short day onion variety meaning that it's better suited for warmer climates as it'll start increasing it's bulb size earlier once the day length reaches between 10 and 12 hours of sunlight.  This allows the bulb to grow to a big enough size for harvesting before the weather gets too hot and it bolts to seed.

When To Sow:

Sow Gladalan Brown onion seeds from April to June in subtropical regions of Australia.  In temperate and cooler regions of Australia sow Gladalan Brown onion seeds from April to August.  Onions planted earlier in the growing season will produce bigger bulbs.

How To Sow:

Sow Gladalan Brown onion seeds 1cm thinning seedlings to about 25cm apart to allow room for bulb growth.

Germination Time:

Onion seeds take between 7 and 11 days to germinate.

Time To Harvest:

Gladalan Brown onion seeds will be ready to harvest 15 to 18 weeks after sowing.