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During busy times it may take us awhile to get back to you, thank you for your patience.  The faq below contains queries that we receive often and may help you receive an answer sooner.



Can I visit your store in person, do you have a distributor near me?

Succeed Heirlooms does not have a physical storefront or distributors and is an online mail-order seed business only at this time.

Where do you currently post seeds?

We currently post seeds only within Australia.  Due to state customs regulations we are currently only able to send our seeds to QLD, NSW, VIC, SA, ACT and NT.

Where don't you currently post seeds?

Currently we are unable to post seeds outside Australia.  We are also currently unable to post seeds to WA, TAS or to any external territories of Australia.

Can you mail me a printed catalogue?

Sorry we do not make a printed version of our catalogue at this time, however all our seed varieties are listed in our online catalogue with current availability.

Can I pay via bank deposit or cheque?

Sorry unfortunately we don't have the capability to accept payments by these means at this time.  We currently only accept payment via PayPal.  PayPal account holders are able to pay using account funds or linked credit card, debit card or direct deposit through a linked bank account.  Non PayPal account holders are able to pay via credit or debit card without having to sign up for an account.

Can I purchase seeds at a bulk rate?

In order to ensure freshness we do not currently keep large enough quantities of stock on hand to be able to offer any of our seed varieties at a bulk rate.

Do you have a variety not currently listed in the catalogue?

All seed varieties currently for sale are listed in the catalogue.  Unfortunately we are unable to place any special orders for varieties not listed.

Do you know when an out of stock variety will become available again?

It can be difficult to predict when out of stock varieties will become available again.  We try to keep in stock as many varieties as possible however due to circumstances outside of our control some varieties may be unavailable for extended periods.  We recommend checking back every month or two.  

Why aren't items being added to the cart correctly?

In most cases this is caused by cookies being blocked by your browser.  Succeed Heirlooms requires cookies to be turned on to be able to remember which items have been added to the cart.  Most browsers allow you to enable cookies for specific sites in your browser settings.  If you're still having problems feel free to email in a list of the varieties you'd like including your delivery address, I can then request payment directly via email once your order is packed.