Crimson Clover

Upright clover species growing to 50cm tall. Vibrant red flower spikes around 4cm long. Nitrogen fixing legume, sow in a fallow bed and slash to provide a nitrogen-rich mulch for the following crop. Won't regrow once cut but may self-sow if left to go to seed. Cool season annual or occasionally short-lived perennial. Approx 2000 seeds per packet.
Crimson Clover
Crimson Clover
Price Per Packet: $ 2.50

Growing Advice

Scientific Name: Trifolium incarnatum

Common Names: Crimson Clover, Italian Clover

Origin: Crimson clover grows native across most of Europe.

Sowing Times

Cold: Early to Mid-Spring
Temperate: Autumn
Subtropics: Autumn
Tropics: Unlikely to grow well

Sowing Depth: 8mm

Plant Spacing: 10cm

Preferred Aspect: Full Sun

Germination Time: 7-14 Days

Time To Flowering: 14-18 Weeks