Zinnia 'Lilliput Mix'

Lilliput is a heritage mix of annual zinnia varieties that produce dainty, rounded, button-shaped flowers in purple, pink, red, orange, yellow and white colours. This variety grows about 60cm tall. 150 seeds per packet.
Zinnia 'Lilliput Mix'
Zinnia 'Lilliput Mix'
Price Per Packet: $ 2.50

Growing Advice

Scientific Name: Zinnia elegans

Common Names: Zinnia 'Lilliput Mix', Elegant Zinnia, Youth-And-Age

Family: Asteraceae (Daisy)


Zinnia is native to Mexico but has become naturalised in other parts of Central And South America, the USA, Italy and Australia.

Plant Uses

The miniature button-like zinnia flowers of the lilliput variety are produced en masse and large bunches can be collected to be used in flower arrangements.  Suitable for cottage gardens. Can be grown in larger pots and containers although regular watering is essential as the roots will dry out quickly.  Attracts bees, butterflies and other beneficial insect pollinators to the garden.

Growing Tips

Zinnia grows and flowers best when planted in a full sun location.  Zinnia plants grow large, about 60cm tall in ideal conditions, so plant them towards the rear of mixed flower beds.  Zinnia requires a rich, well-drained soil to perform best and are moderately drought hardy once established.  Dig through lots of compost, well-rotted cow manure or worm castings prior to planting if your soil is sandy, lacking in nutrients or heavy with clay.  Much around plants to keep their root systems cool and reduce the need to water. Tip prune zinnia plants as they begin to flower to force the plants to bush out more.  Remove spent flowers to prolong blooming. Zinnias are not tolerant of frosts so wait until any chance of frost has past before planting.  Prefers a neutral pH range of 6.0 to 8.0.  Depending on individual plant genetics some lilliput zinnias will not develop full button-shaped flowers and will instead produce flowers that are missing one or more rows of petals, although these are still attractive in their own right if you want a uniform display you should plant extra and remove any plants that are unwanted.

When To Sow

For best results in temperate areas of Australia sow zinnia seeds from September to December.  In subtropical areas of Australia sow zinnia seeds from April to October.  In cold and mountainous regions of Australia sow zinnia seeds from October to January. In tropical areas of Australia sow zinnia during the dry season from April to August.

How To Sow

Sow zinnia seeds directly where they are to grow or in punnet cells 7mm deep spacing planting sites 30cm apart.

Germination Time

Zinnia seeds germinate reliability with most seedlings emerging 13 to 20 days after sowing.

Time To Flowering

Zinnia grows quickly and will begin flowering in as little as 12 to 14 weeks.