Tomato 'Amish Paste'

Amish Paste is a heirloom paste tomato grown by an Amish community for many years, and is one of the best tomatoes for making sauces. 12-14 weeks to maturity. Each packet contains 50 seeds.
Tomato 'Amish Paste'
Tomato 'Amish Paste'
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Growing Advice

Amish Paste is an indeterminate heirloom tomato, meaning it grows as a vine rather as a bush and produces over a longer period rather than setting fruit all at once.  Indeterminate tomatoes require support, you can achieve this by staking, trellising or caging them in a round, dog-mesh enclosure.

Culinary Uses

Although well regarded for its sauce-making qualities, the Amish Paste tomato is juicier than most paste-type tomatoes which some people dislike when making homemade sauces.  Aside from sauces, its rich flavour makes this tomato great for salads and sandwiches too.  Amish Paste tomatoes are suitable for and hold their flavour well when canned.

When To Sow

Sow Amish Paste Tomato seeds from March to September in the subtropics, but avoid sowing during Winter if you live in an area that receives frosts.  In the tropics they suffer from fewer diseases in the dry season and should be sown from May to July.  In temperate regions you should sow tomato seeds from September to November as the weather starts to warm up.

How To Sow

Sow tomato seeds 6mm deep spacing plants about 60cm apart.

Germination Time

Most Amish Paste Tomato seedlings will take between 7 and 13 days to germinate.

Time To Harvest

Expect to harvest your first Amish Paste Tomatoes between 12 and 13 weeks after sowing when grown under optimal conditions.