Radish 'French Breakfast'

French Breakfast is an old heirloom favourite producing red cylindrical radishes with a white tip. Flavour is crisp with a mild pungency when raw, and even milder and sweeter once cooked. 4-5 Weeks until harvest. Each packet contains 50 seeds.
Radish 'French Breakfast'
Radish 'French Breakfast'
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Growing Advice

Scientific Name: Raphanus sativus

Common Name: Radish 'French Breakfast'

Family: Brassicaceae


The first known seed merchant to stock French Breakfast radish seeds was B K Bliss & Son of New York who sold the variety in their 1870 catalog.  This variety was likely first bred in France, although its name may be a misnomer.  

Culinary Uses:

French Breakfast is a relatively mild radish with minimal pungency and a crisp bite.  It makes an excellent raw snack when eaten whole, but is also delicious when sliced and served with dips or grated into a salad.  French Breakfast radishes can be cooked but they will loose some of their bite.  Grilling or roasting can help bring out the nuttiness and sweetness of this variety.  The leafy tops of radishes can also be eaten as a cooked green vegetable, younger leaves are more tender.

Growing Tips:

Choose a growing site in full sun or light shade.  Work the soil over well with a fork to loosen it prior to sowing and allow for good root formation.  Work organic fertiliser or compost through the soil prior to sowing, but avoid adding any further fertiliser or your radishes will produce lots of leaves at the expense of root formation.   Keep evenly and regularly watered to maintain quick growth and prevent radishes splitting.  Radishes grown in harsher conditions will be more pungent.

When To Sow:

Sow radish seeds all year around in cool, temperate and subtropical regions of Australia, avoiding periods of frosts.  In tropical regions of Australia sow radish seeds from April to July for best results.

How To Sow:

Sow radish seeds 1cm deep and space plants about 10cm apart to allow room to grow.  Sow a new row of radishes every week throughout the growing season to ensure a continuous supply.  

Time To Germination:

French Breakfast radishes germinate rapidly, taking between 3 and 12 days.

Time To Harvest:

Your first French Breakfast radishes will be big enough to harvest 4 to 5 weeks after sowing, depending on growing conditions.  Radishes harvested when too mature will be pithy so don't leave them in the ground too long before harvesting.