Bush Bean 'Gourmet Delight'

Gourmet Delight is a string-less variety of dwarf bush bean that produces tender, sweet, 15cm long, dark green pods. This variety takes 8 to 9 weeks from planting the seed to harvest. Each packet contains 30 seeds.
Bush Bean 'Gourmet Delight'
Bush Bean 'Gourmet Delight'
Price Per Packet: $ 2.50

Growing Advice

Scientific Name: Phaseolus vulgaris

AKA: Bush Bean 'Gourmet Delight', Green Bean

Family: FABACEAE (Pea)


Phaseolus: Small Boat; Latin
vulgaris: Common


Phaseolus vulgaris originates from and were first domesticated in the Andean region of South America.


A family favourite, 'Gourmet Delight' is a dwarf bush bean that produces lots of pods which are sweet, tender and string-less.  The pods can grow up to 15cm in length, although they are often nicer when harvested before they reach this length.


The pods can be eaten in moderation raw, straight from the bush when young, or chopped and added to salads.  Older pods are nice stir fried or steamed.


Sow bean seeds 2.5cm deep and 8cm apart in rows allowing extra space between rows to enable easy harvest.  In cold areas sow from October to December.  In temperate areas sow from September or as soon as any change of frost has past to February.  In the subtropics sow from August to April.  In the tropics, sow during the dry season from April to July.  If the soil temperature outside is still cool, seed germination rates can be improved by soaking the seed overnight in warm (not boiling) water with a pinch of Epsom salts dissolved into it.


Unlike pole beans, each bush bean plant will tend to set all of its fruit at once so it's a good idea to space the sowing of their seed across the entire growing seasons so that fresh beans will always be available.  Although bush beans do not require staking a heavily fruiting plant may become lopsided and fall over.  To prevent the plants from toppling you can stake them or alternatively support the entire row between two lines of string on either side of the row held in place by stakes at each end.  This variety take 8 to 9 weeks to harvest.  One of the easiest of all garden vegetables to grow, even children will find growing dwarf bush beans easy.  Benefits from well-drained soil and a full sun position sheltered from strong winds.