Bush Bean 'Royal Burgundy'

Royal Burgundy is a bush bean that has purple pods which can be eaten as a fresh bean, although they lose their purple colour on cooking. Early producing and well suited to cooler areas. Rich bean flavour. 30 seeds per packet.
Bush Bean 'Royal Burgundy'
Bush Bean 'Royal Burgundy'
Price Per Packet: $ 2.50

Growing Advice

Scientific Name: Phaseolus vulgaris

Common Names: Bush Bean 'Royal Burgundy', Dwarf Bean 'Royal Burgundy', French Bean 'Royal Burgundy'

Family: Fabaceae


Phaseolus vulgaris originates from the Andean regions of South America.  This heirloom cultivar of dwarf bean 'Royal Burgundy' was first bred at the University of New Hampshire USA, around 1957.

Culinary Uses

Royal Burgundy beans are great for adding colour to raw salads, or for eating as a colourful snack.  They're great for encouraging kids to eat their vegetables.  Purple dwarf beans like Royal Burgundy will loose their vibrant purple colour and turn green when cooked, although they will still taste great.  This variety is string-less and tender, but pick beans young for best flavour.

Growing Tips

For faster germination soak dwarf bean seeds for about an hour in lukewarm water prior to sowing.  Incorporate compost and organic matter into the soil but don't over-fertilise as beans are capable of producing their own nitrogen.  Water once after planting and don't water again until your bush bean seedlings germinate or else the seeds may rot.  Ensure the soil where you are planting is free draining or the roots of your bush bean will rot, if your planting site is prone to water-logging try creating a raised bed instead.  Mulch plants well and water regularly, avoid watering leaves as this can encourage rusts.  To ensure a continuous crop, stagger when you plant each row by a week or two as bush bean plants tend to produce their crop all at once.  Pick beans regularly when young for best flavour and to prolong the harvest, bush bean plants will stop growing if the pods are left to fully fill out with seeds.

How To Sow

Plant dwarf bean seeds about 2.5cm deep spacing plants about 8cm apart.  Space rows about 45cm apart to allow room to pick the beans.  Choose a growing location in full sun or light shade for best bean production.

When To Sow

Sow Royal Burgundy bush bean seeds from October to December in colder regions of Australia, from September to February in temperate regions, from August to April in the subtropics or from April to July in tropical regions of Australia.

Time To Germination

Bush Bean 'Royal Burgundy' germinates quickly, between 6 and 14 days after sowing.

Time To Harvest

Bush Bean 'Royal Burgundy' produces early, cropping between 8 and 9 weeks after sowing depending on growing conditions.


royal burgundy purple bean flower

As an added bonus, purple french beans such as 'Royal Burgundy' have attractive purple flowers and stems.