Stock 'Virginian Mix'

Stock is an easy to grow annual flowering plant that produces masses of tiny, sweetly scented blooms which help to attract beneficial insect pollinators to the garden. Dwarf growth habit to 30cm tall makes it an ideal border plant in rockeries. Virginian mix produces flowers in shades of pink, purple and white. Approx 1200 seeds per packet.
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Price Per Packet: $ 2.50

Growing Advice

Scientific Name: Malcolmia maritima

Common Names: Stock 'Virginian Mix', Virginia Stock, French Forget-Me-Not

Family: Brassicaceae


Virginia stock is native to Greece and Albania where it grows in sandy coastal locations.

Plant Uses

Virginia stock has a dwarf growth habit to about 30cm tall making it ideal for planting along the front edge of garden borders and rockeries.  It is also small enough to be grown successfully in pots and containers.  The flowers are rich in nectar and sweetly scented which helps to attract beneficial insect pollinators to the garden.  The flower of Virginia stock can also be used in cut flower arrangements.

Growing Tips

Virginia stock prefers to grow in a full sun or lightly shaded position.  It requires a fertile, well-draining soil rich in organic matter to grow well.  If you soil is sandy, lacking in nutrients or heavy with clay you can improve it by adding plenty of compost, well-rotted animal manure or worm castings prior to planting.  Adding gypsum can also help to break up heavy clay soil and allow better drainage.  Virginia stock prefers a soil pH range from 6.0 to 8.0, some native Australian soils are more acidic than this so adding garden lime may also be beneficial.  Mulch around Virginia stock plants to retain soil moisture, keep their root systems cool and reduce competition from weeds.  Remove spent flower heads to encourage further flowering.  Virginia stock will self-seed if grown in ideal conditions.

When To Sow

Cold: November to February.
Temperate: December to April.
Subtropics: February to May.

How To Sow

Sow several Virginia stock seeds 3mm deep directly where they are to grow or start them in punnets.  Thin to the healthiest seedlings or divide your Virginia stock seedlings as soon as they are large enough to safety handle.  When planting out space Virginia stock seedlings 15cm apart to provide enough room for growth but still allow the plants to form a continuous flowing mat once established.  Avoid dividing or planting out seedlings that are too old as Virginia stock doesn't like root disturbances, it may be better starting fresh seeds if the seedlings are already rootbound.  Water regularly until plants are well established.

Germination Time

10 to 14 days.

Time To Flowering

12 to 14 weeks.